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MWH and International Water Association form climate change partnership


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MWH and the International Water Association (IWA) are joining forces to deliver a wide-ranging, three-year programme aimed at tackling the impact of climate change on the water sector.

Both organisations are recognised as thought leaders in climate change adaptation and mitigation. MWH signed up to the Clinton Global Initiative in 2006 and has made a Climate Change Commitment to reduce its own carbon emissions, to help others do the same, and to educate local communities on climate change issues.

The company has established a growing reputation for delivering sustainable solutions for a broad portfolio of clients in sectors including water, waste water and energy and it employs some of the world’s leading experts on sustainability and climate change issues.

The International Water Association (IWA) is a global network of water professionals covering all aspects of the water cycle. It is in an ideal position to harness the experience and expertise of its diverse membership and deliver a unified approach to best practices in climate change adaptation and mitigation worldwide.

The partnership programme, to be launched at the annual IWA World Water Congress in Vienna on September 10th, will focus on three key areas: Knowledge Development; Dissemination and Communication; and Influence. MWH and the IWA plan to collect a substantial evidence base from stakeholders throughout the water sector. The focus will be on specific geographic vulnerabilities such as the drying climate, low lying areas, islands and the melting snow pack, as well as water user challenges including water resources, hydropower and agriculture.

The second phase of the programme will focus on disseminating and communicating knowledge gained on the issues and best practices through existing networks, international conferences and events and publications.

The final stage of the programme will involve leading experts from MWH and IWA taking on the roles of climate change champions and thought leaders to lobby and influence key decision makers at regional, national and international levels. The object will be to persuade them to act on the programme’s findings and take the steps needed to create a sustainable future for the water sector, helping to safeguard the livelihoods and well being of people and the environment.

Among the leading experts from MWH who will play a prominent part in the programme are Professor Charles Ainger, former Sustainable Development Director at MWH UK, a Visiting Professor in Engineering for Sustainable Development, Cambridge University; Professor David Balmforth, a Technical Director with MWH with an international reputation for expertise in urban drainage, flood risk management and climate change adaptation strategies; Robyn McGuckin MWH’s Director of Strategic Planning, experienced in infrastructure program management, reconstruction and development with a primary focus in the energy sector, climate change, and post-disaster recovery; Tania Flasck, MWH Sustainability Leader, who has a broad range of experience in sustainable development, water and wastewater treatment including commissioning, design and business development roles as well as strategic planning; Kuang-ping Chiu, Ph.D., P.E., Technology Development Manager of the Singapore MWH office, a professional engineer with extensive experience in advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies and a strong commitment in MWH climate change initiatives; Tim Darlow, a very experienced environmental engineer who has worked in the fields of catchment management, risk assessment and decision-making in the water industry and sustainable flood management.

David Nickols, President of MWH EMEAI (Europe, Middle East, Africa and India) said: “This partnership between MWH and the IWA is a very exciting development which offers a real chance to pool our expertise with the objective of delivering some groundbreaking solutions to the key challenges posed by climate change. At MWH, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a global leader of knowledge-driven projects solutions, but we also have a purpose to build a better world and leave a lasting, positive legacy for the communities in which we live and work. This programme offers a unique opportunity to deliver on our Climate Change Commitment and to help to build a better, more sustainable world.”

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