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MWH Awards Contract to Cambi in Edinburgh, Scotland


Source: Cambi Group AS

On 2 October 2013 MWH Treatment Awarded Cambi a contract for the installation of two lines of Cambi’s modular THP B6 system, at Stirling Water’s Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works, Edinburgh, Scotland. Each line is capable of treating 50 dry tonnes of sewage sludge per day. The choice of THP system was made using a sophisticated cost model that ensures that the performance of the equipment meets the financial criteria and cost of ownership of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The contract is to produce an enhanced treated sludge through pre-treatment (sterilization and steam explosion) prior to entering the digestion system using Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis process.

The use of Thermal Hydrolysis technology has a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased sludge dewaterability
  • Enhanced treated product with 99.99% pathogen kill enables the sludge to be diverted from landfill and instead used in agriculture.
  • Increased biogas production
    This will result in the site becoming 88% self-sufficient as the gas is fed back into the CHP engines and the electricity used on site
  • Enhanced digester capacity

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