MWH Soft announces InfoSWMM 2D: next generation of two-dimensional hydrodynamic stormwater and overland flow modeling

MWH Soft, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced the second quarter 2010 release of InfoSWMM 2D. The breakthrough application will allow engineers to accurately model two-dimensional (2D) above-ground urban and rural flooding combined with the power of one-dimensional (1D) hydraulic and water quality sewer systems analysis — all directly within the powerful ESRI’s (Redlands, CA) ArcGIS environment. It provides a single geospatial environment for building and analyzing comprehensive 2D models that simulate urban stormwater, sanitary sewers, river flooding and pollutant transport. The new product demonstrates MWH Soft’s ongoing commitment to delivering pioneering technology that raises the bar for urban drainage network modeling and simulation, helping to shape the future of this critical sector.

A fully hydrodynamic geospatial stormwater modeling and management software application, InfoSWMM 2D can be used to model the entire land phase of the hydrologic cycle as applied to urban stormwater systems. The model can perform single event or long-term (continuous) rainfall-runoff simulations accounting for climate, soil, land use, and topographic conditions of the watershed. In addition to simulating runoff quantity, InfoSWMM 2D can reliably predict runoff quality, including buildup and washoff of pollutants from primarily urban watersheds. It also features very sophisticated Real-Time Control (RTC) schemes for the operational control and management of hydraulic structures.

Built atop ArcGIS and using exceptionally robust and efficient numerical simulation capabilities, InfoSWMM 2D seamlessly integrates advanced functionality for modeling the most complex storm and combined sewer collection systems and surface flooding with incredible ease and accuracy. It delivers the power of 2D hydrodynamic simulation, which provides significant advantages over 1D simulation when modeling flows through complex urban geometries or open ground, where the source and direction of flow are difficult to assume. When overland flows are routed through a complex urban area or very varied terrain, the numerous elevation changes and obstacles can significantly impact results. This problem can be further complicated by the presence of sewer networks, in which flows can both enter and exit the system during flood events.

Modeling such complex flow scenarios accurately and efficiently requires a model with both 1D and 2D simulation capabilities. 1D simulation is used to identify location of flooding and 2D simulation to investigate direction and depth of flood flows in specific areas. The full 2D free-surface shallow water equations are solved using a highly advanced finite volume method, which is particularly suitable for rapidly varying flood flows such as those through steep streets and road junctions and those associated with bank overtopping or breaching. With unparalleled 1D/2D dynamic linking capabilities, InfoSWMM 2D gives engineers the unprecedented power to analyze and predict potential flood extents, depth and velocity and accurately model the interaction of surface and underground systems in an integrated 1D/2D environment. It can also be effectively used to simulate and analyze tidal surges, dam breaks and breaches on sewer networks. To achieve even greater model accuracy and flexibility, users will also be able to utilize multiple surface mesh designs and display water levels and velocities throughout the flooded areas.
“InfoSWMM 2D raises the bar for ArcGIS-based stormwater modeling and managing the risks of flooding, and marks a new direction in advanced sewer collection systems simulation and analysis,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., Hon.D.WRE, F.ASCE, President and COO of MWH Soft. “Our rapid pace of innovation continues to benefit engineers across the globe and drive increased efficiency and quality of wet infrastructure management, design, and renewal. InfoSWMM 2D is the ultimate tool to accurately assess the impacts of urban and rural flooding, then formulate and evaluate sound and cost-effective mitigation strategies. We are inspired and proud to play this important role in helping to build a better world for everyone.”

About MWH Soft:

MWH Soft is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and professional solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water/wastewater utilities, government industries, and engineering organizations worldwide. Its clients include the majority of the largest North American cities, foremost utilities on all five continents, and ENR top-rated design firms. With unparalleled expertise and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the MWH Soft connected portfolio of best-in-class product lines empower thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems, and provide an enduring platform for customer success.

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