MWH Soft releases industry’s first extension for sustainable water distribution system design

Highly Anticipated Vanguard Carbon Calculation Tool Meets Critical Need to Prioritize System Improvements and Minimize Carbon Footprint by Auditing Green Credentials and Environmental Impact.  MWH Soft, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced the worldwide release of the Sustainability analysis extension for all its industry-leading water modeling product lines. The breakthrough extension is available in InfoWorks WS as well as the H2ONET, H2OMAP Water and InfoWater Executive Suites. The tool gives water utilities unprecedented energy efficiency management capabilities for reducing both power costs and carbon footprints while realizing increased reliability and design optimization.
A significant percentage of energy input to a water distribution system is lost through three key areas: pipe friction (plus minor losses at bends and fittings); control valves (e.g., pressure reducing and sustaining valves, flow control valves); and at the customer tap in maintaining a minimum level of pressure. (Tap losses are calculated at the network nodes and include domestic and non-domestic consumption and leakage losses).
Now, for the first time, MWH Soft water network Sustainability analysis extension makes sustainable network design easily accessible and reliable, helping users determine the carbon footprint for pumps and the cumulative total energy lost across all elements in the network from source to consumer tap. A comprehensive visualization tool color-codes these elements based on their total environmental impact, providing a clear and instant overview of the problems and priorities. Users can also easily compare multiple network reconfiguration alternatives, rank networks from least to most efficient, pinpoint areas with the greatest potential for improvement, and instantly identify potential for pumped/pressure-reducing valve (PRV) optimization and future energy recovery.
“This groundbreaking extension will help our user community make an important contribution to the world by consistently developing sound energy optimization and rehabilitation programs,” said Andrew Brown, EMEA Regional Manager for MWH Soft. “We listened to the engineering community’s concerns about designing more sustainable, environmentally friendly systems. We’re confident we have delivered a powerful solution that will help users find the best designs in the shortest time — and gain a competitive edge in their global marketplace.”
“We are proud to simultaneously enhance the superbly engineered InfoWorks WS product line, H2ONET, H2OMAP Water and InfoWater with this vital technology upgrade, knowing it will make an immediate difference in people’s lives, our communities, and our society,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., Hon.D.WRE, F.ASCE, President and COO of MWH Soft. “We created this best-in-class carbon calculation tool to make energy efficiency management the simplest, most powerful choice with the highest pound-for-pound return — surpassing all competitive offerings by far. Sustainability clearly reflects our ongoing determination to provide our customers with superior, high-value software that helps them strengthen, protect, sustain and optimize their hydraulic infrastructures at maximum energy and cost savings.”

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