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MWH Soft releases infoWorks TS


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MWH Soft has announced the release of InfoWorks TS for advanced hydraulic transient analysis. The groundbreaking release gives users direct access to the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive and widely acclaimed pressure surge analysis application, which assists in preserving distribution system integrity and averting potential problems.

Anticipating and controlling transient response is critical to ensuring the protection, integrity and effective/efficient operation of water distribution systems. Transient responses can introduce pressures of sufficient magnitude (upsurge) to burst pipes and damage equipment. The resulting repercussions can include extended service outages and loss of property and life. Transient responses can also produce sub-atmospheric pressures (downsurge) that can force contaminated groundwater into the distribution system at a leaky joint, crack or break, leading to grave health consequences. Sustained sub-atmospheric pressures may also lead to cavitation and water column separation, resulting in severe ‘water hammer' effects as the vapour cavity collapses.

The state-of-the-art, full-featured InfoWorks TS transient flow analysis solution addresses every facet of pressure surge analysis and its role in utility infrastructure management and protection, delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. It provides the engineer-friendly framework needed to quickly assess the effects of pump station power failures, pump start-up, valve closures, rapid demand and pump speed changes, and the efficacy of any combination of surge protection devices. The program also accurately simulates transient cavitation and water column separation, evaluates their intensity and estimates their potential effects on the system.

Armed with this information, water utilities can more accurately predict the development of unacceptable operating conditions in their distribution systems, identify vulnerable areas and risks, evaluate and design sound protective measures, and determine improved operational plans and security upgrades. InfoWorks TS also delivers blazing simulation speed, making transient analysis an even easier and more enjoyable task.

'Water utilities and engineering consulting firms around the world rely on MWH Soft's superior end-to-end modelling and design solutions to manage and operate better, safer systems,' said Paul F. Boulos, President and Chief Operating Officer of MWH Soft. 'By augmenting our popular InfoWorks WS with powerful hydraulic transient modelling capabilities, we are creating a comprehensive tool kit for the waterworks engineer. This milestone solution is the only analysis, design and management software users need to work faster and smarter in a competitive environment - not only to power system performance, but to safeguard critical infrastructures and maximize their effectiveness in protecting public health. MWH Soft is very proud to offer this revolutionary product to our clients.'

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