Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)
Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

MWWD 2006

It is now the moment to fix a final schedule, which will enable us to proceed with the preparation of the proceedings and with the session’s program, while giving also the possibility to the “late comers” to propose their interventions.

Final deadlines are:

31.05.2006 – Submittal of the last titles and summaries, together with the registration form. The inclusion of the title in the “Proposed paper” pages implies the acceptance of the proposed paper.

30.06.2006 – Submittal of the edited Abstracts, including the ones of Virtual Papers and of the interventions, and of the promotional pages of the Exhibitors to be included in the Abstract volume.

15.08.2006 – Submittal of the edited Papers, texts of the interventions at the Round Table and Workshops and Exhibitor’s papers for the inclusion in the Proceeding’s CD

We will appreciate also that, within June 30, authors and co-authors confirm their participation and provide to the payment of their fee.

We thank the colleagues who have already complied to their engagements and the ones who will propose a paper within the above deadlines.

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