Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

MWWD 2010 & IEMES 2010 – LANGKAWI (MALAYSIA) OCTOBER 25-29, 2010


Source: Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)


We wish to remind to all colleagues who did not register yet and/or who did not send their proposed paper title and abstract that time is passing quickly. We are once more complying to the request of some colleagues for a further extension of the deadlines.

The NEW DATE for the presentation of registration, title and abstract has been postponed to APRIL 15 as indicated in the page 'Call for Papers'. We are confident that you will provide timely to your contribution as indicated in our MWWD 2010 web pages.

As far as our Exhibition IEMES 2010, we have inserted recently the necessary information in the web.

The Companies interested in being present are kindly asked to fill the form Registration to IEMES 2010 as soon as possible.


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