Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

MWWD 2010 latest deadlines


Source: Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

To give the possibility to other colleagues to supply their contribution, we have negotiated with our printer in Kuala Lumpur new terms for the preparation of the Abstract Booklets and of the Proceeding’s DVD.

We can therefore extend once more (but for the last time) the deadlines for the contributions and for the registrations as follows:

July 10, 2010: Deadline for submittal of the Registration of new contributions. The new registrations shall be accompanied by the edited Abstract of the proposed paper. The Abstracts already presented may be revised and resubmitted (if the author considers it opportune) until this date.
August 07, 2010: delivery of the edited paper

August 14, 2010: latest delivery of the paper, revised as necessary.

 The same deadlines are valid for the contributions to the 'Workshop on the risk analysis for outfalls and discharge sealines '.

 The Pelangi Beach Resort has also agreed to extend the promotional rates to the end of June.

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