Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

MWWD 2010 - mid September update


Source: Marine Waste Water Discharges (MWWD)

We have reached mid September delaying the deadlines in order to permit to the colleagues who have confirmed their paper to finalize the editing and submit their works, but please. understand that after September 18th we will not be able to include any old or new paper in the Proceeding’s DVD.

We are going to prepare the detail program of the 2 parallel sessions, which will be included in the Web before the end of September, together with the list of the papers to be presented orally.

We count that there will be no “no show” and that all authors will be present.

However, there will be the possibility to accept a few other oral papers arriving in the next 15 days. These late papers, if accepted, may be included in the program for oral presentation and will be, after the conference, inserted in the web to give to all participants the possibility to download them.

Obviously, colleagues who decide to be with us without paper are welcome to register through the web or directly on site.

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