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Dependable, Affordable…FAST

The proven, safe, reliable MyFASTTM wastewater treatment systems are ideally suited for use in for decentralized and distributed applications in flows ranging from 40,000 GPD (150 m3/d) to 160,000 GPD (600 m3/d), this monolithic system utilizes multiple treatment units in one tank. This culminates in a large, decentralized system ideally suited for smaller municipalities and isolated schools and business parks that release effluent directly into vulnerable environments. A MyFASTTM system can also be used to upgrade struggling municipal package plants, providing small communities with an innovative, affordable option. Residential communities, commercial developments and the retrofit of existing treatment plants are all ideal applications for the MyFASTTM technology.

Quick Installation, Simple Operation.

Simple in design, the MyFASTTM wastewater treatment systems are specifically designed for easy, quick installation by using a pre-manufactured, bolt together design. MyFAST’s simple and effective air-delivery system allows for complete aeration, mixing and self-cleaning of the attached growth reaction chamber. This, along with the low sludge production of the FAST® technology, greatly reduces operational requirements.

The beauty of this remarkable system is how well it works.

FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) is simply great technology, based on environmentally sound and simple scientific principles. The FAST® process employs a unique hybrid combination of attached and suspended growth in an aerobic, packed bed bioreactor. This proven IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) combination includes the stability of fully-submerged, fixed-film media and the effectiveness of activated sludge treatment, making the innovative, patented FAST® system technologically advanced and extraordinarily reliable.

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