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Myriax announces the release of Eonfusion R1


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Myriax, Inc. today announced the initial release of its revolutionary new Eonfusion product. Eonfusion is a unique application that provides cutting-edge 4D analysis and visualization of time-varying spatial data. It allows users to streamline the integration of large and diverse data sets, explore relationships among multiple variables, and easily communicate complex results in an engaging way.

“After more than 3 years of product development, we are very excited to release Eonfusion R1,” said Ross Dodd, CEO of Myriax. “Eonfusion will allow research scientists, environmental consultants and geospatial analysts to take their use of data processing and visualization to the next level, and will enable them to work with time varying data as well as multidimensional dimensional data sets and attribute rich 2D or 3D data in an easy and intuitive way.”

Eonfusion is unique in its ability to handle large data sets that are diverse in nature and fuse them together, enabling users to easily assemble sets of attributes of interest. Not only can it combine vector and raster data, but it can also synchronize video with time-referenced vector data. These capabilities are key enablers for ground-truth applications such as environment and habitat mapping and remote species identification which in the past have proven to be very time consuming or impractical.

Eonfusion integrates temporal and spatial data in a single robust 4-Dimensional visualization space, so it is ideal for identifying and exploring interactions between complex multi-dimensional data sets. Since it allows users to move seamlessly forward and backward through time, Eonfusion makes it quick and easy to identify key events without having to guess or repetitively process individual time steps. It also provides the ability to manipulate 4D views and linked 2D graphs simultaneously. As Dr. Hugh Pederson of the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute (TAFI) notes, “Eonfusion offers the quickest, easiest and most effective solution for analyzing and viewing large volumes of time-dependent environmental data.”

Eonfusion makes data exploration and analysis easier through an intuitive graphical ‘data flow’ environment. In this environment, users can design and build a flow chart of graphical elements defining data inputs, transformations, fusion algorithms, 4D output scenes and exported data sets. Attributes can be transferred between data sets so that a single fused data set contains all of the critical attributes of interest. Customized data processing methods can be written within a user coding environment. Completed data flows can be exported as data processing methodologies in XML and shared with other Eonfusion users.

Finally and most importantly, Eonfusion provides the user with a powerful array of options for communicating their research results. Whether through rich and interactive 4D visualizations or through 2D graphical or tabular exports, Eonfusion provides users with the tools they need to help others understand their work.

Tim Pauly, President of Myriax, Inc. and part of the original team that conceived Eonfusion said, “We knew the significant challenges of integrating, analyzing and communicating complex relationships in 4D and higher dimensional data sets was only going to grow with time. We set out to deliver a revolutionary new product to address these challenges, and with the introduction of Eonfusion we have an exciting new platform which takes us well along the way.”

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