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Mystery Odors at Home - a Nuisance or Health Concern?


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EMSL Analytical provides odor identification services to help identify and resolve mystery odor complaints.

Cinnaminson, NJ, January 24, 2013 --

Virtually everyone has at one time or another come home to discover an unpleasant odor.  Often times this is due to something simple, such as garbage that needs to be taken out or wet laundry forgotten in the washing machine.

Common sources of unpleasant odors in the home can however be quite diverse.  A rarely used bathroom may allow sewer gases to enter a home if the water in the plumbing drains has evaporated.  Also if the bend in the drain pipe, known as a P-trap, becomes clogged with debris it can begin to release foul odors.  Plumbing vents to the roof may also not be operating properly, allowing sewer gases to either not vent out or to be pulled back into the home.

Other times the odor may be coming from the water.  Hot water heaters with anode rods are designed to corrode over time in order to protect the other exposed metal in the water heater.  Once these have completely corroded, a bad smell may begin to permeate from the water itself.

Even old pet urine can reemerge as a source of unpleasant odors months later.  Humid conditions, or even after the carpets are cleaned, can allow for pet urine odors to resurface.  Even front-loading washing machines can create mold and mildew odors if not properly maintained.

Sometimes the source of an odor can be a mystery.  “Some odors can be a real challenge to identify,” stated Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President, Marketing at EMSL Analytical, a leading mystery odor testing laboratory.  “Unpleasant odors can even be a health threat in some circumstances depending on the odor’s chemical makeup and concentration.  EMSL provides testing supplies and analytical services to quickly and accurately help to identify the source of mystery odors.”

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