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Mystery water leak at old US Motors plant


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Over 300,000 gallons of water has been mysteriously wasted at the Old U.S. Motors plant, all in the space of two months, and attempts to locate the leak have so far been unsuccessful. The Mississippi-based plant is currently undergoing renovations to prepare it for a new tenant, and work will continue while further searches for the leak take place. Until the leak is discovered, public works officials have turned off the water supply to the factory.

The plant is being refurbished to house industrial material manufacturer Alphagen, and the work is expected to cost over $850,000. This includes making extensive infrastructure repairs, providing greener sources of energy and installing important machinery. The cost so far for the wasted water is only $1,000, but this could rise dramatically, depending on the extent of the overall costs incurred by locating and repairing the leak.

Speaking to local news outlet, The Neshoba Democrat, the city’s building inspector Jay Eakes spoke of the extent of the problem: “We used 35,000 gallons in the eight hours we tried to find the leak. We have no idea where the leak is.” The city board held a meeting on what course of action to take, and officials are currently searching for ex-maintenance workers from when the plant was still being used by U.S. Motors. The city board is hopeful that these workers may have more knowledge of the system of pipes.

When the renovations and repairs have finally been carried out on the factory, it will bring about 200 new jobs to the area. The factory is over 235,000 square feet, but the initial phase of renovations is only expected to take approximately 90 days. However, if the leak is not discovered, it could be a long time before Alphagen are allowed to move in.

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