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N.A. Water Systems Launches Mobilr Unit of Membrane Bioreactor for Biological Wastewater Treatment


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PITTSBURGH, PA. September 17, 2007 – N.A. Water Systems, LLC, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) company, announced the launch of a mobile wastewater treatment unit for its NEOSEP™ immersed membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, a new innovation in the U.S. marketplace.

The pilot-scale treatment system is self-contained on a 48-ft truck trailer that can be transported to any industrial site to test the effectiveness of the technology on the specific wastewater characteristics. NEOSEP™ technology combines advanced biological treatment using activated sludge with immersed flat-sheet membrane filtration to produce an exceptional treated water quality.

Earlier tests of this technology with a stationary unit received acceptance from the California Department of Health Services as a filtration technology for compliance with the State of California Water Recycling Criteria (Title 22). Reuse of the treated water is just one advantage of NEOSEP™. Another is the very small footprint required for the volume of water that can be treated, as compared to conventional aeration tanks for biological treatment. It is particularly well suited to locations where limited space is available or land value is at a premium.

“The mobile treatment unit will enable us to take the technology directly to the customer and prove its performance on site,” said Ed Lowe, Director of Business Development for the Food and Beverage Industry at N.A. Water Systems. “We began our introduction of NEOSEP™ to the U.S. in the beverage industry because of that industry’s commitment to sustainable water development and reuse as well as its need for exceptional water quality. However, this innovative technology is applicable to any wastewater requiring biological treatment and any location where recycle and reuse is important.”

Although NEOSEP™ is new to the U.S., VWS has over 15 years of experience in development and implementation of this technology, with more than 22 operating units in Europe, where it is marketed as BIOSEP®. NEOSEP™ wastewater treatment systems can be delivered through engineering and equipment contracts or as complete design/build turnkey systems with performance guarantees. Both modular and large-scale units are available. The pilot unit is sized to treat 2 gallons per minute of wastewater and was fabricated at N.A. Water Systems’ sister company Crown Solutions in Dayton, Ohio. Kruger Inc., another sister company, is providing NEOSEP™ MBR to municipal markets.

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