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NACD: a dynamic new identity for responsible distribution


Source: The Compliance Center (ICC)

The newly released logomarks for Responsible Distribution and the Responsible Distribution Verification Seal are intended to project a clear and consistent idea of what this program represents, while being technically reproducible across a wide range of applications.  This new logomark replaces any and all older Responsible Distribution logomarks, including the former Responsible Distribution Process logo with the laurel leaves.

For the sake of consistency, continuity and clear communication, please follow our Brand Usage Guidelines (see below) at all times when utilizing these logomarks.

The Verification logomark is for use ONLY by NACD Members and Chemical Handler Affiliates, in good standing, who have passed document and/or on-site verification.

We encourage all members and Chemical Handler Affiliates to replace the older logomarks with these new versions as soon as you can on all corporate materials, including but not limited to:  websites, business cards, annual reports, marketing materials, advertisements, signage in offices, etc.

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