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Nalco Wins 2011 WateReuse Award


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NAPERVILLE, Ill., Sept. 20, 2011 /PR Newswire/ --

Nalco (NYSE:NLC), providing essential expertise for water, energy and air, has received the WateReuse Association's 2011 WateReuse Equipment/Manufacturer Award. Nalco received the award at the 26th Annual WateReuse Symposium in Phoenix, AZ. It honors outstanding commitment and performance by a specialty-equipment product or manufacturer.

'Nalco has been involved in a number of innovative commercial, industrial, and institutional projects that have enabled significant reuse and recycling of water around the world,' said Wade Miller, Executive Director, WateReuse Association.  

Nalco 3D TRASAR® Technology for Cooling Water is operating at more than 18,000 customer locations worldwide and has helped save more than 346 billion gallons of water since it was introduced.

Cooling systems for comfort in buildings and for cooling various industrial processes use large amounts of water every day, and they require treatment to control bacteria, mineral deposits and corrosion. Nalco researchers developed 3D TRASAR automation technology, combining innovative chemistry, advanced sensors and sophisticated modeling software to monitor water conditions continuously and add appropriate treatment only when needed.

The 3D TRASAR program allows cooling towers to operate longer with less fresh water, called makeup water, cutting overall water use as well as saving energy.  Because the system responds so quickly and accurately, customers can use water from a variety of sources that contain variable amounts of dissolved minerals and suspended solids.

This U.S. Presidential Green Chemistry Award-winning program is being expanded to also save water and energy in boiler and reverse osmosis systems. For more information visit

In addition to 3D TRASAR technology, a broad range of Nalco programs and services are used in water treatment applications to prevent corrosion, contamination and the buildup of harmful deposits and are used in production processes to enhance process efficiency, extend asset life, improve customers' end products, and enhance air quality. These comprehensive solutions provide customers improved environmental performance and reduced operating costs, an environmental return on investment, or eROI.

About WateReuse Association

The WateReuse Association's mission is to advance the beneficial and efficient uses of high-quality, locally produced, sustainable water sources for the betterment of society and the environment through advocacy, education and outreach, research, and membership. The Annual WateReuse Awards provide industry recognition for successful projects, products, and individuals that have made significant contributions to advancing water reuse or desalination. The awards typically recognize projects that advance sustainable sources of water or offer a novel approach to meeting local water needs.

About Nalco

Nalco is the world's largest sustainability services company focused on industrial water, energy and air applications; delivering significant environmental, social and economic performance benefits to our customers. We help our customers reduce energy, water and other natural resource consumption, enhance air quality, minimize environmental releases and improve productivity and end products while boosting the bottom line. Together our comprehensive solutions contribute to the sustainable development of customer operations. Nalco is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America Indexes. More than 12,000 Nalco employees operate in 150 countries supported by a comprehensive network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and research centers to serve a broad range of end markets. In 2010, Nalco achieved sales of $4.25 billion. For more information visit  

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