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NAMJet Marine Propulsion units now equipped with Thordon


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For over 25 years NAMJet’s advanced marine propulsion systems have set the standard for thrust, durability and speed.  Now utilizing two Thordon grades, RiverTough in the TRAKTOR JET’S stator bearings and ThorPlas-Blue in the steering linkages, NAMJet’s performance is unmatched when it comes to grease-free operation in abrasive operating environments.  

The decision to design the propulsion units to include Thordon RiverTough came from the bearings’ long wear life and excellent performance in harsh abrasive environments.  NAMJet’s previous experience with cutlass rubber bearings produced poor results and often resulted in premature bearing wear and in some cases complete bearing failure.  They were thus in search of a solution that not only enhanced their current product but also provided an overall solution for their customers that was durable and long-lasting.  After a referral from a customer operating on the Yukon River in Alaska, NAMJet decided to try Thordon RiverTough.

Trying to avoid a rebuild of the entire system each time and find a solution that matched their business ethic, NAMJet turned to Thordon water lubricated bearings.  Once they experienced the performance of RiverTough, they were satisfied that they had the right product.  RiverTough bearings are ideal for dirty water environments as they can withstand abrasives in the water.  With the success of RiverTough onboard the units, NAMJet also opted to include ThorPlas-Blue grease-free bearings in the steering linkages.  The self-lubricating homogeneous polymer is ideal for applications with pressures up to 45 MPa and ensures long bearing wear life with no maintenance.

NAMJet’s water jets are used throughout the world including Europe, South America, China, and Alaska and are operating in extreme marine environments so it is important that the jet and all of its components are durable.  

“It is the reliability and longevity of the products that is the driving force behind why we chose to go with Thordon.  With Thordon bearings onboard, it has enhanced our product to be as rugged and long-lasting in the harshest environments as possible.  ThorPlas-Blue and RiverTough are standard on all the units now,” says NAMJet’s Vice President of Sales, Jason Hill. This enhances our current products and provides an overall solution for the customer in the harshest of environments.

Thordon Bearings Inc. is the leading manufacturer of water lubricated stern tube bearings, grease-free rudder and deck equipment bearings and other shaftline products for the global marine market.  Recognized internationally for superior performance, Thordon Bearings has a worldwide customer service network in over 100 countries. 

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