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NanoCeram Electropositive SOE Filter Cartridges


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Argonide Corporation, a Sanford, Florida company that manufactures ultra-high efficiency water purification filters, has recently announced an addition to its line of NanoCeram® electropositive water filter cartridges. The NanoCeram brand is now available in a full line of single open ended (SOE) filter cartridges. These cartridges are designed for use in most applications where absolute rated pleated filtration is needed with the added assurance of an absolute seal between cartridge and housing. The line of SOE filters is available with flat, fin or spring end caps with 222 or 226 double o-rings. This is in response to demand for such cartridges from markets that include the pharmaceutical/biopharma industry and the semiconductor industry.

Argonide’s standard pleated filter cartridges are now recognized in many market segments for their ability to remove small particles, bacteria and virus from water at high flow rates using the principal of electrostatic attraction and adsorption. However, as filtration needs become more and more demanding in terms of sub-micron filtration, the concerns over potential bypass caused by standard double open ended (DOE) filters has been a concern for a number of industries. The standard answer is to move towards filters which minimize that risk.

Argonide now offers a line of SOE cartridges which incorporate the patented NanoCeram® filter media, and which are then manufactured into finished filter cartridges using 100% polypropylene materials and assembled using the latest thermal bonding equipment.

This new extension of the NanoCeram filter line is now fully commercialized and is now available for sale.

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