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NanoCeram® Pleated Filter Cartridges Adsorb Metals from Process & Waste Water


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August 23, 2007 – Argonide Corporation, a Sanford, Florida company that is an innovator in water purification technology, has developed a high performance water filter cartridge with an affinity for many metal compounds often found in industrial and other process waste streams. NanoCeram®, the company’s flagship product, is well-known for removing small particles, bacteria and virus from water at high flow rates, using the principal of electrostatic attraction and adsorption. The filter has received many awards including the 2005 Hall of Fame award from the Space Foundation. The media in the filter is licensed to the Ahlstrom Corporation and is sold under the tradename Disruptor™.   


Laboratory tests with colloidal suspensions of various metals show that Argonide’s pleated filter cartridges have an affinity for a number of contaminants including iron, copper, lead, tin, aluminum and chromium-III. A filter’s capacity for a specific metallic material is affected by many factors, but has already shown promise in field trials for iron reduction from a chill water system at a major automotive manufacturer; and aluminum reduction in a waste water process within a major aluminum extrusion plant.


The applications for the line of NanoCeram filters include process and wastewater applications for industry. This is crucial when a facility must reduce these contaminants to meet/exceed the minimum levels governed by environmental regulations. In many cases, reduction of metals in a water stream is critical to a production process to improve productivity and quality; or to improve water recycle rates which can help reduce water waste.

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