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NanoCourier Transmitter for remote flow monitoring


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Automata's NEW NanoCourier™ Transmitter is a powerful tool for specific applications, such as sending flow or soil moisture data.   Unprecedented economy is achieved by incorporating essential features and all-in-one small packaging.  The NanoCourier™ Transmitter is available with Spread Spectrum or Satellite Telemetry. The data can be transmitted back to the home/office computer or be made available via the Internet. Extremely low standby current makes the NanoCourier™ ideal for solar sites.  In applications reporting infrequently it may be utilized with no charger at all.


Although non essential features are stripped out, some key features commonly required for flow monitoring are enhanced.    Most flow meters and many other frequency output devices are directly supported by the NanoCourier™ with no additional interface circuitry required.  It includes a set of configurable parameters that add versatility to many monitoring applications.  Examples include time averaging and peak reading over adjustable times.    


The NanoCourier™ is Automata’s newest family of Field Stations.  It can be networked with Automata’s MINI Field Station to accommodate some higher end sites in the system.  Automata continues to develop new products to aid in the management of the water and agricultural industry.

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