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NanoH2O Awarded Retrofit of Large Desalination Plant in Canary Islands, Spain


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El Segundo, Calif. – March 4, 2013 – NanoH2O Inc., manufacturer of the most efficient and cost effective reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for seawater desalination, today announced that its high rejection QuantumFlux seawater RO membranes have been chosen to retrofit one of two first-pass trains at the Puerto del Rosario IV plant located on Fuerteventura Island, Spain.  Puerto del Rosario IV, owned and operated by Consorcio de Abastecimiento de Aguas a Fuerteventura (CAAF), is an expansion of the original seawater RO plant built on the island in 1998. NanoH2O’s high rejection QuantumFlux membranes will produce an estimated 6,500 cubic meters of water per day, making this facility one of the Company’s largest installations in the Canary Islands. The QuantumFlux seawater RO membranes will be delivered to Puerto del Rosario IV by Degremont, a leading provider of water treatment solutions and services.
“NanoH2O provides us the opportunity to save significantly,” said Andres Rodriguez, Production Manager at CAAF. “NanoH2O’s membranes will allow us to use fewer elements, operating at the same pressure and producing very good water quality with low boron content.”
“We are very pleased to work with Degremont and CAAF on the Puerto del Rosario IV plant,” said Juan Carlos de Armas, European Sales Director for NanoH2O. “The Canary Islands have employed desalination technology since the late 1960’s to supply potable water for the local population.  Puerto del Rosario IV will serve as an important and globally recognized reference for us in this region.”
About NanoH2O, Inc.
NanoH2O, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets reverse osmosis (RO) mem­branes that lower the cost of desalination.  Based on breakthrough nanostructured materials and industry-proven polymer technology, NanoH2O’s QuantumFlux membranes dramatically improve desalination energy efficiency and productivity.  QuantumFlux seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membranes, Standard 61 certified by NSF International for the production of drinking water, deliver the highest flux and the highest salt rejection of any SWRO membrane on the market.  QuantumFlux membranes are available in standard 8-inch (20 cm) diameter elements that fit easily into new and existing desalination plants, purifying water from a broad range of sources with improved productivity and water quality. 

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