Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST)
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST)

Nanotechnology Goes under the Microscope at ESTECH 2010, IEST’s Annual Technical Meeting

Engineers and technicians looking to get a handle on facility-related nanotechnology issues will find a three-day immersion program on the agenda at ESTECH 2010, the 56th Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST). To be held May 3-6 at the Atlantis Hotel and Convention Center in Reno, Nevada, ESTECH 2010 will offer a number of nanotechnology events, including a tutorial, seminars, Working Group meetings, and a keynote address. Areas of interest include the specification, design, construction, and operation of facilities for nanotechnology R&D and manufacturing; terminology and protocols related to environmental parameters for these facilities; and testing of products manufactured using nanotechnology.

Registration for ESTECH 2010 is open at, and those who register by March 18 can take advantage of a generous early-bird discount. Companies that submit three tutorial certificate program registrations will receive a fourth tutorial certificate program registration free. In addition, registrants for the tutorial certificate program can receive a seminar registration for only an additional $300—a savings of over $400.

On Monday, May 3, ESTECH serves up a day-long tutorial on Nanotechnology Facility Design. Conducted by John R. Weaver II, facility manager for the Birck Nanotechnology Center at Purdue University, this tutorial will discuss the considerations and present proposed solutions to issues inherent in the design of nanotechnology facilities. Attendees will learn about the design process from concept through needs analysis, critical design decisions, and preparation for construction, including specific examples and lessons learned. This tutorial is a must for anyone involved in the concept, design, or operation of a nanotechnology facility.

Nanotechnology Working Group (WG) meetings are on tap for Tuesday, May 4. In the morning, John Weaver will convene WG-CC205, Nanotechnology Safety: Applying Prevention through Design Principles to Nanotechnology Facilities. In the afternoon, Ahmad Soueid, a principal and senior vice president of HDR Architecture, Inc., and a leader in the design of nanotechnology facilities, will chair a meeting of WG-CC200: Overview: Planning, Design, Construction, and Operational Considerations for Facilities Engaged in Research and Production at the Nanometer Scale.

Wednesday, May 5, will bring two nanotechnology seminars and a nano-focused keynote speech. The seminars, one before and one after lunch, will consist of presentations by various leaders in the field on their current work and practices as well as standards that cover all aspects of nanotechnology. The keynote speaker at Wednesday’s Awards and Membership Luncheon will be Tim Sands, the Mary Jo and Robert L. Kirk Director of the Birck Nanotechnology Center at Purdue University. In February, Sands was also named executive vice president for academic affairs and provost at Purdue. He has published over 200 papers and has been granted 15 patents in the areas of metal/semiconductor contacts, heteroepitaxy, thermoelectric materials, ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials and devices, semiconductor nanostructures, laser processing and heterogeneous integration. His present research efforts are directed toward the development of novel nanocomposite materials for applications in solid-state lighting, direct conversion of heat to electrical power, and thermoelectric refrigeration.

Detailed descriptions of all tutorials, as well as other program information and registration, are available on the IEST website at Companies registering people for a tutorial certificate program need to contact IEST directly to receive the complimentary fourth registration. To reach IEST, e-mail or call (847) 981-0100.

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