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Nantong City (China) selects ALTEON ™, the latest membrane developed by Degrémont Technologies-Aquasource

With the membrane ALTEON™, Nantong city in China will equip its new drinking water treatment plant with the state of the art Ultrafiltration process and confirm its will to combine innovations and environment protection.

Nantong city, part of the Jiangsu province located at the north of Shanghai, has decided to equip its new drinking water treatment plant with the latest ultrafiltration technology: ALTEON™, the new hydrophilic polysulfone membrane developed by Aquasource.

The plant will have a drinking water production capacity of 10 000m3/day. It will be designed and executed in partnership with the Wuxi Municipal Design Institute and the local Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) SPE (Purification Equipment).

The plant, equipped with Aquasource new modules with a surface of 93m² will be able to treat settled water from the Yangtze River. The ALTEON™ hydrophilic polysulfone modules offer, as today, the largest surface of filtration available on the market worldwide.

Aquasource has been selected based on its new Ultrafiltration offer, “RACK ALTEON”, dedicated to large plants which enables OEM partners to benefit from an easy, secured and optimal integration of the ALTEON ™ technology. This comes with supporting tools for the design and the Rack conception, and a technical training program.

After the recent contract signed for a process water UF treatment with the food industry in Morocco, the Nantong city project in China confirms the high performances of the membrane ALTEON™ and the large potential development of Aquasource OEM offer on the international market.

The ALTEON™ RACK CONCEPT offers to the OEM partners of
Aquasource a compact, ergonomic and competitive solution:
• Compact solution: With an individual filtration surface area of 93 m², the modules are, as today, the largest on the market, allowing a large capacity of treatment with minimized footprint rack.
• Ergonomic & secured solution: The Aquasource ALTEON™ RACK guaranties an easy accessibility to the modules and secures maintenance works & services.
• Competitive Solution: The Aquasource ALTEON™ RACK is designed with standard components that can be manufactured locally by OEM partners.

ALTEON™ membrane is an in/out hollow fiber membrane, available in a wide range of modules, from 7 to 150 m² of unitary filtration area.
The membrane offers high efficiency to treat:
• Surface water
• Process water
• Recycling (Municipal and Industrial)
• Sea water desalination (Reverse Osmosis pretreatment)
ALTEON™ is the latest Aquasource ultrafiltration membrane with one of the lowest cut off value of the market. The membrane acts as a filter for all particles larger than 0.02 micron: pollen, algae, parasites, bacteria, viruses, germ and large organic molecules.
The result is perfectly pure water, removed from bacteria and Cysts (>6 log), viruses (>2 to 3 log) and a turbidity lower than 0.1 NFU.

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