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NASA campaign KORUS-AQ: monitoring the smog above Korea


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IONICON PTR-TOFMS instruments aboard the NASA research airplane

An international team coordinated by NASA has recently investigated air pollution over the Korean peninsula. Two of IONICON’s PTR-TOFMS instruments were used to monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in real-time aboard NASA’s DC-8 Flying Laboratory. The data gathered by scientists from the University of Innsbruck and Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) will be used to improve satellite-based air quality monitoring over Korea.

Teams from the University of Innsbruck and IONICON join their forces for participating in NASA’s campaigns. The most talented and experienced scientists use the newest and most powerful PTR-TOFMS technology developed by IONICON engineers.

NASA’s latest measurement campaign took the researchers to South Korea. 20 research flights were carried out over the Korean peninsula and over the Yellow Sea. A University of Innsbruck team led by Dr. Armin Wisthaler joined US and Korean researchers aboard the NASA DC-8 Flying Laboratory. „The newest PTR-TOFMS instrument detects smallest traces of gases that form particulate matter and ozone in the atmosphere, and is the best of its kind in the world“, says the Instrument Principal Investigator Armin Wisthaler who is also a professor at the University of Oslo. „Our measurements will help scientists in properly assessing air pollution from space and in understanding some of the current air quality problems in South Korea“.

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