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Nashville Flood Cleanup Brings Dangers of Asbestos to Light


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EMSL Analytical provides affordable testing solutions for asbestos in flood ravaged parts of Tennessee to protect people and property.

Westmont, NJ, May 17th, 2010

Several weeks ago floods ravaged parts of Nashville and the surrounding areas.  The flooding destroyed homes and businesses and the community has been busy cleaning and rebuilding since the flood waters receded.  As part of the rebuilding efforts many older structures are being gutted of water damaged materials to begin reconstruction in the area.

Unfortunately a number of these homes have asbestos containing materials in the damaged building materials.   Asbestos can be found in a wide range of common building materials from insulation, flooring, ceilings, roofing, siding, fire coating materials and a host of other old building products.  The disposal of asbestos is regulated and individuals and companies are subject to prosecution if asbestos regulations are not followed.

Nashville is now facing similar problems to the historic floods of 2008 that damaged hundreds of homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  One group there has already worked with approximately 2,500 volunteers on close to 100 homes so far to help the rebuilding efforts.  However, recently the Iowa Department of Natural Resources put a stop to the rebuilding efforts because organizers had failed to check for asbestos in the properties being renovated. 

Aside from making sure that asbestos materials are properly disposed of, people need to be aware that during abatement or demolition projects asbestos can be easily aerosolized. This creates a dangerous environment for both workers and building occupants.  Without the proper safety precautions asbestos can be easily inhaled during projects which could increase one’s chances of developing deadly lung cancer. 

“Residents, contractors and environmental professionals need to realize that asbestos, not just mold and bacteria, may be found in many of the water damaged buildings,” reported Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President for EMSL Analytical.  “EMSL’s laboratories can quickly test suspect building materials for asbestos dangers,” Frasca continued.

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