Nation’s Largest Low-Acid Aseptic Dairy Facility, Gehl Foods Chooses the ETS-UV System for Water Disinfection

Gehl Foods chooses Neptune-Benson’s ETS-UV as the ultraviolet disinfection for both their well water and their municipal water supply.

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin -- Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS-UV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Neptune-Benson, announced they have been chosen to supply the ultraviolet treatment systems to disinfect the process water for Gehl Foods of Germantown, Wisconsin.

The UV has two main applications: it will provide a high level of disinfection to treat Gehl’s well water and will also reduce the chlorine if municipal water supplies are used.

Any water being used in food or beverage processing, either for product or as part of the process must be treated in order to ensure the integrity of the end product. Ultraviolet disinfection provides an efficient, reliable, disinfection solution. There is no residual left behind by UV treatment which would interfere with the taste, color or product chemistry of the water, but it does eliminate any pathogens and spoilage organisms present.

“The Gehl Foods water has excellent optical properties and we measured UV transmittances over 95% for both the well water and the city mains” states Jon McClean, Chief Technical Officer of ETS-UV.

Gehl has selected a validated UV system. This has a demonstrated performance and will ensure the integrity of their water supply. The unit operates as variable power, has automatic wipers, and will maintain a target UV dose at all times.

From only a few GPM to full-scale treatment plants treating flows of 30 MGD in a single chamber, ETS can provide effective solutions for any specification or location. All systems are independently, third party validated in accordance with the US EPA guidelines for drinking water, or the NWRI guidelines for reuse water.

The ETS Ultraviolet Disinfection System is also a perfect fit for:

  • Drinking Water
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Aquaculture
  • Pool Disinfection

About Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS)
Based in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Engineered Treatment Systems LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neptune-Benson. ETS is a leader in the development and manufacture of UV systems, specializing in closed vessel UV technology. Our world class UV systems offer treatment solutions for a range of uses from recreational water to municipal and a wide variety of industrial applications. With advanced technology and a wealth of experience, ETS has the expertise to provide effective and cost efficient solutions for a broad range of industry needs.

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About Neptune-Benson
Since 1956 Neptune-Benson has been synonomous with water filtration serving the aquatics, industrial and municipal markets. Featuring award-winning brands such as the Defender regenerative media filter and the ETS-UV ultraviolet disinfection system; Neptune-Benson also offers Legacy sand filter s, the AEGIS anti-entrapment shield, moveable bulkheads, Dominion butterfly valves, Guardian strainers, greendriveVFD systems, as well as all Lawson Aquatics accessory products.

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