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National Fire Protection Association NFPA presented at Fire Safe Latin America conference


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Sao Paulo, Brazil -- Col. Reginaldo Campos Repulho, Comandante dos Bombeiros em São Paulo and NFPA presented at fire safety conference

18 June 2013: Fire Safe Latin America organized by Fleming Gulf Conferences got off to a good start today with fire safety experts from in and around Latin America gathering to discuss fire safety and emergency preparedness at Sheraton WTC Hotel, Sao Paulo - Brazil. The conference highlights the necessary steps to be undertaken for large scale events. A recent fire at a fuel depot in Rio de Janeiro claimed the life of one individual. This fire outbreak forced the evacuation of nearby surrounding areas with residences and a school. To curb such incidents and be fully equipped for the upcoming Olympics and World Cup, Brazilian Congress is set to revise all the safety regulations. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it is working towards matching the fire safety standards with other nations.

The event kicked off with the conference chief guest, Col. Reginaldo Campos Repulho, Comandante dos Bombeiros em São Paulo delivering the opening speech. He spoke about the current fire codes being followed in Sao Paulo and the importance of updating these standards. James Dolan, Director NFPA Fire Code Field Office - National Fire Protection Association followed and delivered the keynote address. He presented  on notable nightclub fires, which have led to major code changes and the importance of enforcement. Detailed case studies of major fire losses were covered during the session. Dolan has experience of over 25 years in the fire industry and is currently responsible for providing technical support where NFPA 1 or 101 are adopted including AHJ training and updates.
ING. Carlos Federico Cvetreznik, Manager – IFSC del Cono Sur & Caribe covered the fire outbreak at the Kiss nightclub fire which claimed the lives of 230 people. He explored the reasons for the outbreak and necessary precautions to curb such incidents.

After the networking session during the coffee break, delegates were part of an interactive panel discussion on how far codes and standards have helped in avoiding fire disaster. The panel discussion was led by James Dolan and the delegates gained insight on how bodies like NFPA and SFPE play an important role in implementing and regulating safety codes. Post lunch session featured a case study by Gilmar Rocha, Supervisor do Corpo de Bombeiros Embraer (COBE) on implanting the LEAN system in fire safety. The case study focused on having a tactical plan in place with focus on efficiency and emergency management. Conference day one ended with Anderson Queiroz from ThyssenKrupp presenting on fire protection strategy in industry. He talked about challenges faced in implementing fire protection systems and overcoming them.

Tomorrow the second day of the conference will see presentations on topics like the design, installation, inspection and maintenance of firestop systems, Brazilian standards for steel structure´s fire design and the role of emergency mutual aid schemes as an effective & innovative solution towards emergency response, disaster management and business continuity. The key highlight of day two will be a presentation on lessons learned from the Station nightclub fire, one of the deadliest nightclub fire in American history by Morgan Hurley, Technical Director - Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). With an extensive experience in the fire industry he overlooks the technical activities of the society and teaches undergraduate and graduate-level fire protection engineering courses as an adjunct faculty member of the University of Maryland and Worcester Polytechnic University.

Ensuring execution of fire safety protocols is as important as planning them. Day two of the conference will equip the delegates in realizing these plans through detailed discussions and presentations. Tomorrow 19th June is the last day of the conference being held at Sheraton WTC Hotel, Sao Paulo.

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