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National Geographic & Endesa present first documentary on climate change effects in Spain


Source: Endesa, S.A.

National Geographic Channel, the television channel linked to the world’s largest not-for-profit organisation, and ENDESA, Spain’s largest electricity company, one of the key industry players in Europe and the premier private power company in Latin America, today presented a documentary on the impact of climate change in Spain at the Ministry of Environment.

The initiative is the result of an agreement signed between both entities some months ago resulting in a 45-minute long documentary entitled 'Climate change in Spain: a challenge for all', which travels the length and breadth of Spain exploring the effects of climate change and the plans in place to prevent the destruction of our environment and foster its conservation.

'Climate change in Spain: a challenge for all' will premier on National Geographic Channel on Sunday 1 February at 23:00.

This documentary dovetails with the National Geographic Society’s conservationist mission which strives to give out an upbeat message regarding the recovery and preservation of our environment as a legacy for future generations.

The documentary also confirms ENDESA’s commitment to a sustainable corporate model. Its business strategy involves a global vision on sustainability which not only includes the environment but also the creation of wealth and social and economic development in the countries where it operates to contribute to the well-being and progress of current and future generations. Also, ENDESA’s participation in this documentary is in line with its belief that one of the main responsibilities of a multinational organisation such as itself is to foster public knowledge and awareness of the main environmental issues facing our planet.

The documentary visits 10 critical areas throughout Spain which are affected or being threatened by environmental decay. Many of these areas already have procedures in place, either from official bodies or private projects, aimed at stopping or holding back this deterioration which are intended to conserve what we already have and avoid further corrosion.

Some particularly important areas are visited in the documentary such as the Cíes Islands, one of Spain's largest natural enclaves located off the Pontevedra coast and where a special conservation project is underway.

The 'Climate change in Spain: a challenge for all' documentary also looks at the survival of the glaciers in the northern Aragonese Pyrenees which are at risk of drying out and are undergoing a regeneration process; the clean-up operation of the waters off the Balearic Islands and the programmes being carried out by the CSIC (Spanish Scientific Research Council) in the Doñana national park.

The programme also visits the Sierra Nevada Climate Research Centre and interviews Teresa Ribera, secretary of State for Climate Change and Spain’s Environment Minister, who gives a detailed explanation of the current situation in Spain and discusses the initiatives being pursued by her Ministry.

Also taking part in the documentary are a number of Spanish and international scientists who talk about their experience and knowledge in the field and the programmes and research projects they are currently involved in. These include biologist Miguel Delibes de Castro, former director of the Doñana park Biology School and currently a CSIC professor; Juan José Moreno, an expert in forest fires and desertification; Jerónimo López, a specialist in polar systems and also a member of the CSIC; and Carlos Duarte, a specialist in marine ecosystems.

Also taking part in the documentary are Spanish investigator Enric Sala, National Geographic’s resident explorer as well as the directors of the Cíes and Doñana natural parks.

The 'Climate change in Spain: a challenge for all' documentary offers a real and objective view of the current state of the Spanish environment, the threats facing it and, particularly, what solutions and schemes can be and are being rolled out to minimise the effects of climate change.

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