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National Ground Water Association app helps homeowners calculate water use


WESTERVILLE, OH -- A free National Ground Water Association iPhone and iPad app that allows users to calculate their household water consumption is an excellent tool to help consumers reduce water use and costs.

To obtain the Water Use Calculator app, click here.

The way the app works is simple. Just answer questions about how many people are using water in the house and see formulas automatically calculate how much water is being used for the dishwasher, commodes, shower, and more.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-enter categories
  • Automatic responses to data entered
  • Total use calculated for standard appliances as well as water-saving appliances.

“It’s never been easier to estimate water use in terms of simplicity and convenience,” said NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens. “The timing has never been better either. With widespread concerns about water scarcity due to climate change and population growth, the Water Use Calculator app can help inform consumers regarding their water consumption habits.”

For those on public water systems, water conservation can reduce the amount they are billed for water. Private well owners, who tap their own water supply, also can save money through reduced well system operation and maintenance costs, Treyens said.

NGWA, a nonprofit organization composed of U.S. and international groundwater professionals — contractors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, scientists, and engineers — is dedicated to advancing groundwater knowledge. NGWA’s vision is to be the leading groundwater association that advocates the responsible development, management, and use of water.

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