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Nationwide company brings jobs to west mi through recycling


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Grand Rapids, MI -- Advanced Technology Recycling, a nationwide electronics recycling company, announced today plans for expanding its local processing capacity, allowing the company to continue to bring jobs to West Michigan from nationwide partners.

Every week the national recycling giant has incoming shipments of thousands of computers from nationwide clients, enabling the e-waste recycling operation to hire locally.

“West Michigan is a technology hub full of promising students and graduates from technical programs across different trade schools and universities,” said Whitney Ehresman, Business Development Manager at ATR. “Our goal as a management team at the Grand Rapids ATR facility is to reinforce the value West Michigan has to offer, so we strive to show upper management our capabilities and ability to manage the work of re-marketing upwards of four-thousand computers a week,” said Ehresman.

One of the main goals of the ATR facility in Grand Rapids is to show value back to the corporation as a whole, encouraging the nationwide company to send work to West Michigan.

“Our team in Grand Rapids is committed to responsible recycling practices, and our attention to detail and dedication to getting the job done efficiently without compromising quality has earned us the opportunity to have equipment shipments come to our facility from our corporate partners on a national-scale,” said Ehresman.

According to Ehresman, the electronics recycling industry is a five-billion dollar industry in the U.S., adding 30,000 jobs to the national economy.

“What many people do not know is how many jobs can be created through recycling obsolete computers, phones and other electronics,” said Ehresman.

The company is currently seeking individuals who possess an IT aptitude and can work in a warehouse environment as a technician, says Ehresman. Full-time positions are available, as well as a part-time paid internship position for candidates at least halfway through their degree enrolled in a technical program. Full-time employees are offered benefits after 90 days as well as several opportunities for advancement.

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