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Natural Environment White Paper must integrate policy on natural and built environment says EPUK


Source: Environmental Protection UK

Today's white paper reassessing policy on how we manage our natural environment is welcomed by Environmental Protection UK (EPUK), who want to see integrated thinking in policy on the natural and built environment.

Given that one of Defra's departmental priorities is to 'help to enhance the environment and biodiversity to improve quality of life', and increasing Government emphasis on the role of civil society in shaping our places, EPUK believes local environmental quality must be pivotal to this paper. In our response to the earlier consultation on the white paper, we called on Government to introduce the overarching theme of protecting Local Environmental Quality.

Mary Stevens, Head of Policy at EPUK, said, 'Individuals and businesses will only take action to improve the local and natural environment if they understand that there are issues for them to resolve, that those actions will directly benefit them and that it is within their power to make a difference. The Government must lead by example, and work across departments to integrate policy thinking.'

EPUK is working to protect and improve the quality of our local environments, including air and land quality, managing and reducing the impact of noise in our open spaces and neighbourhoods and promoting sustainable use and reuse of land.

Mary Stevens also said 'We hope to see a meaningful and effective White Paper today that encompasses our natural and urban environments. Alongside protecting biodiversity and our countryside, it should pave the way to ensure the urban environments in which most of us live afford us all protection from local pollution - including poor air quality, excessive noise and access to good quality outdoor space, as well as our countryside.'

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