Natural Environmental Systems, LLC Announces New and Improved Wastewater Treatment Bacteria Formula


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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 18, 2011 -- Dallas based microbial products supplier Natural Environmental Systems, LLC announces the release of its new and improved wastewater treatment bacteria product for faster reduction of organic waste, lower BOD/COD levels and overall improved system efficiency across multiple wastewater types.

NE2000 Wastewater Treatment takes the best of the company’s already advanced biological treatment products and combines them to create a powerfully superior formula used in wide and varying types of treatment systems, reducing the need for multiple bacteria formulas.

In addition to utilizing the best microbial strains of its previous formulas, NE2000 Wastewater Treatment is also twice the strength of its predecessors with an industry leading 10 billion CFU/ gram concentration level. This new formula also incorporates additional enzymes to rapidly break waste down and a complex growth stimulant to jump start the microbes to aggressively feed on and digest organics.

“This may be the most exciting product we have come to market with yet,” states a rep from the company. “NE2000 Wastewater Treatment allows us to streamline our production and inventory, allowing for quicker delivery of product, reduced inventory expense, better cost per lb to our customer, all while offering a product un-matched in the industry.”

NE2000 Wastewater Treatment is designed for use in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, animal waste facilities, food processing plants as well has high grease load systems like grease traps and lift stations.

NE2000 Wastewater Treatment is available in 8 oz. pre-measured water-soluble packets packed in 25 lb pails.

For more information on this product or other products offered by Natural Environmental Systems, visit or call 1-800-999-9345.

About Natural Environmental Systems, LLC
Natural Environmental Systems is a worldwide supplier of biological products for use in pond and lake treatment, soil conditioning and reclamation, wastewater treatment (onsite and offsite) and bioremediation. The company also distributes a variety of other environmentally friendly products to complement its line of biological solutions such as aeration systems, algaecides/ herbicides, turf fungicides, greenhouses and others.


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