Natural Environmental Systems, LLC to expand into international markets with Spanish website

Dallas, TX – Natural Environmental Systems, LLC has developed a Spanish version website ( to market the company’s line of all natural microbial products to the International Spanish speaking audience, as well as the growing Spanish speaking American market.

Natural Environmental Systems supplies all-natural, environmentally friendly, live microbial-based products for environmental clean-ups such as petroleum hydrocarbon spills on soil, water and hard surfaces and chlorinated solvent contamination as well as products for enhanced agriculture and crop development.  Natural Environmental Systems products are also effective in organic waste reduction, odor control and resource beautification and preservation like pond maintenance and turf enhancement.

The beneficial bacteria found in the Natural Environmental Systems products consume and digest waste and other organic contaminants in a wide array of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications, providing a biological alternative to hazardous chemicals and caustic solvents.

In addition to supplying beneficial bacteria products, the company also distributes several lines of products that either supplement or enhance the their primary line of products.  Such supplemental products include lake aeration units to help with algae control, environmentally friendly peroxygen based sanitation products to protect against salmonella and e-coli, automatic bacteria injection units and forthcoming fish feeders.

“We are excited about the opportunity to reach out and communicate to a new market that we feel has needs that we can address. We understand that the International market as a whole has environmental issues such as wastewater treatment and oil spill clean-ups that we can address in an environmentally friendly manner,” states Casey Coke, Natural Environmental Systems.  “This new website is just a step to increase our presence on an International level.  We already have other language versions in the works and plan on unveiling them in the coming months”, adds Mr. Coke.

About Natural Environmental Systems

Natural Environmental Systems L.L.C., headquartered in Dallas, TX, offers a line of all-natural, chemical free, live microbial products that when used correctly are highly effective in controlling a wide array of environmental and sanitation problems.  The company sells products for soil, plants, grease traps, septic systems, pond maintenance and animal waste and odor control, along with bioremediation and spill clean-up.

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