Natural Environmental Systems Sets Sights on Commercial and Industrial Algae Control

Dallas, TX - Natural Environmental Systems has been growing rapidly in the small pond market for pond owners looking for safe, environmentally friendly solutions for algae control and overall water quality. Now the company has its sights set on similar issues within larger commercial/ industrial ponds.

“Whether it is a small pond or a large pond, it is the same factors that create algae blooms,” states Casey Coke, Natural Environmental Systems.  “If you have a scenario where you have low oxygen, excess nutrients (decaying matter) and direct sunlight, well you have the recipe for algae and other water quality issues.”

Natural Environmental Systems markets several products that address these issues.  Probably the most important is aeration, whereby the company offers several types and sizes of pond aerators and pond fountains engineered specifically to oxygenate and circulate water in large ponds, creating an environment that is conducive to healthy beneficial bacteria growth and detrimental to algae growth.

They also market two beneficial bacteria products under the Pond Keeper brand name that address nutrient overload and decaying matter issues in large commercial ponds.  One of the products is a liquid bacteria concentrate that can be applied directly to the pond or diluted with water, then applied for better distribution.  Additionally, they offer a powder bacteria that is mixed with pulverized barley straw and packaged in water soluble packets for easy, accurate dosing.  Both products are highly effective at breaking down and degrading organic waste.

Natural Environmental Systems can also address sunlight issues in ponds where there is little shade from trees and other aquatic plants.  Pond Keeper Blue Pond Dye tints pond water an aesthetically appealing shade of blue and will help filter direct sunlight, minimizing its potentially problem causing effects.

For customers looking for instant gratification from their algae problems, Natural Environmental Systems carries an environmentally friendly algaecide called GreenClean Pro as well as several manual weed eradication devises such as pond rakes and pond tillers.

GreenClean Pro is granular in form and begins killing string and other types of algae on contact, with visible results in as little as 48 hours.  GreenClean Pro is registered with the EPA, certified by NSF and listed with the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) providing proof to the products efficacy and environmentally friendly nature. The product is also tested and confirmed safe for use with fish and plants.

“GreenClean Pro has been an excellent addition for us this summer. Through our sales of regular GreenClean, we have been able to address the algae control needs of our small pond customers, but we have many customers with large bodies of water who are always inquiring about a product they can use,” says Casey Coke, Natural Environmental Systems.  “Our large pond customers who have been using the GreenClean Pro and following it up with regular use of our beneficial pond bacteria have been experiencing excellent results and long term benefits.”

About Natural Environmental Systems

Natural Environmental Systems L.L.C., headquartered in Dallas, TX, offers a line of all-natural, chemical free, live microbial products that when used correctly are highly effective in controlling a wide array of environmental and sanitation problems.  The company offers products for soil, plants, grease traps, septic systems, pond maintenance and animal waste and odor control, along with bioremediation and spill clean up. Natural Environmental Systems also distributes several lines of complimentary products such as pond aeration units, weed control equipment and disinfecting/ sanitization products.

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