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NCEC and REACH24 present a best practice webinar


On the 25 February 2014, NCEC in conjunction with their partner REACH24 presented a webinar on emergency response best practice, as well as an updated on Chinese chemical regulations. The global chemical industry continues to face increasing regulatory pressures to prevent and respond to chemical incident and it is crucial for companies to ensure they have the appropriate resources and expertise in place to meet and exceed their obligations.

The webinar covered the following areas

  • The importance of an emergency response helpline
  • Typical models for an emergency response service (in-house versus outsourced solutions)
  • EU – why poison centre numbers cannot be used as emergency numbers on safety data sheets (see our blog)
  • Global regulatory requirements, including a detailed overview of Chinese regulatory requirements and the importance of compliance to avoid potential import bans or site closures
  • Unique characteristics of the Chinese Chemical Management Regulations and developments during 2013
  • Difficulties encountered by foreign enterprises working in or entering the Chinese chemical market.
  • General ideas on compliance strategies for foreign enterprises

There was significant interest regarding Chinese Chemical Management regulations and the developments that have occurred during 2013. NCEC are able to offer emergency telephone number support and regulatory advice services to help companies comply with their legal obligations.

For more information contact NCEC regulatory and emergency response services or if you would like to receive the presentations relating to this webinar please contact

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