NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre)

NCEC help companies meet tough health & safety legislation

NCEC, the UK’s national response unit for chemical emergencies, and part of energy and climate change consultancy, AEA, has launched an innovative online application designed to help businesses when complying with health and safety legislation.

In order to help businesses follow the REACH Regulation and also create COSHH assessments, NCEC has developed a comprehensive chemical safety documentation application, called ChemeDox. This is an online system through which all relevant safety data information can be accessed, using an easy-to-use search facility. Even those users who are not chemical specialists can carry out simple searches for chemical products, for example by using shop floor abbreviations and acronyms. As the system is web based, remote searches can be carried out easily by all authorised personnel.

“ChemeDox offers businesses a safe, secure and robust system for Safety Data Sheets and associated chemical safety documentation – for example COSHH assessments and risk analysis documents – without the need to set up and maintain an expensive internal system,” says NCEC Product Manager Peter Pritchard. “Furthermore ChemeDox will help businesses save time and money, typically between 30-50% of current costs associated with chemical safety documentation management, and allow them to focus on other key health and safety issues.”

A cost benefit calculator, based on external research, has been created on NCEC’s web site, together with additional information on the legal issues at stake following the application of the new Health and Safety Act.

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