NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre)

NCEC release summary of Poison Centre information


NCEC are pleased to provide our customers and other organisations with a summary of the latest information related to EU Poison Centres.

Although there is summary information on the ECHA website we have found this to be out-of-date in many instances and also not detailing the full picture i.e. whether pre-registration is required and how the Poison Centres number can be used.

NCEC continues to receive detailed questions from our customers and also feedback via partner organisations and trade associations. We therefore felt this summary document is a useful starting point for any private organisation looking to make contact with the official advisory body in certain member states and NCEC is keen to ensure all our customers comply with local regulations.

It is also important that the capabilities of Poison Centres are understood and therefore you may want to use NCEC as a backup to ensure 24/7 coverage or use NCEC directly where no ‘official advisory body’ in a member state is identified.

Feedback since the release of this document have been very positive both from customers and from members of our Poison Centre LinkedIn group. We therefore hope you’ll find it to be a useful summary document and are happy to provide further advice as required.

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