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NDA sets out clean-up priorities for Dounreay

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s annual business plan, published today, sets out the key activities it expects to see carried out at Dounreay over the next 12 months.

These range from destroying 50 per cent of the liquid metal still inside the Dounreay Fast Reactor to targets for solidifying more of the liquid waste from historical fuel reprocessing and progress towards a new disposal facility for low-level radioactive waste.

The business plan states that planned NDA expenditure for Dounreay in 2010/11 is £166 million, which includes £2m for work on a national nuclear archive at Wick, compared to £157m in 2009/10.

The business plan confirms that NDA discussions with Government about its public value programme secured “an early funding decision for Dounreay, resulting in a planned assured funding level for the site of £150 million per annum” in future years.

Key activities for Dounreay in 2010-11 include:

  • Complete integration and active commissioning of Fuel Cycle Area ventilation system
  • Complete 50 per cent of bulk liquid metal destruction at Dounreay Fast Reactor – deliver 90 batches in this period, bringing the total number of batches to 165
  • Continue the retrieval of offshore particles in line with the Dounreay Particle Advisory Group recommendations
  • Liaise with other site licence companies to investigate off-site transfers of fuels to mitigate the long term requirements for on-site storage and security
  • Complete sanction and validation for phase one of new low-level waste facility
  • Complete low active drain enabling work for the shaft and silo waste treatment plant
  • Encapsulate 100 m3 of highly active liquors in cement at the Dounreay Cementation Plant
  • Commence removal of irradiated sub-assemblies from Prototype Fast Reactor pond
  • Work collaboratively with other SLCs to share approaches to decommissioning and portfolio management.

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