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NEC Releases CSR Report 2010


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Tokyo, July 16, 2010 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation has released its 'NEC CSR Report 2010,' which discloses the practices carried out in pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010. This report consists of the Web based 'NEC Annual CSR Report 2010,' and the 'NEC CSR Digest 2010' publication that highlights seven CSR themes. http://www.nec.co.jp/csr/en/

NEC's CSR aims to realize 'an information society friendly to humans and the earth,' as described in the NEC Group Vision 2017, by collaborating with stakeholders to help solve issues facing both society and the planet through business practices that maintain the highest levels of compliance.

This report focuses particularly on NEC's activities supporting two of its seven CSR themes, 'Include Everyone in the Digital Society' and 'Address Climate Change and Environmental Preservation.'

Primary NEC CSR Report 2010 content

- NEC formulates the Mid-Term Growth Plan 'V2012 - Beyond boundaries, Toward our Vision.' Under V2012, NEC aims to solve social issues by focusing on three business fields, 'Cloud Business (C&C Cloud),' 'Global Business,' and 'New Business (including environmental and energy business).' In line with this, NEC recently formulated medium-term objectives for CSR activities spanning fiscal 2010 to 2012.

- Include Everyone in the Digital Society
In Argentina's San Juan Province, due to the lack of a network linking schools with one another, or with the San Juan Ministry of Education, school administration has become insufficient and the quality of education has deteriorated. In order to resolve these issues, NEC Argentina introduced a cloud computing general education system that enhances the efficiency of school administration and the quality of education.

NEC's 'Include Everyone in the Digital Society' theme also features the creation of businesses to help foster digital inclusion in emerging and developing countries. For this purpose, NEC has also promoted internal awareness activities and human resource development with the help of the United Nations Development Programme and a range of qualified experts.

- Address Climate Change and Environmental Preservation
The new 'NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2017/2030' was formulated based on three key points for achievement between fiscal 2017 and 2030; 'Low Carbon,' 'Ecosystem and Biodiversity Preservation,' and 'Resource Recycling and Conservation.' Through the provision of solutions that are friendly to the earth, including cloud computing based information management systems, energy efficient offices, lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and smart grid/power storage, NEC aims to help reduce CO2 emissions (*2) by 15 million tons in fiscal 2017 and 50 million tons in fiscal 2030.

For more details, please visit the 'NEC Annual Environmental Report 2010.'

- The NEC Make-a-Difference Drive is a voluntary community involvement program in which NEC Group employees have participated since 1999. The program achieved new records in terms of participating NEC sites (953 sites from 28 countries), number of programs (3,873), cumulative number of participants (174,370) and volunteer time (153,788 hours).

- 'GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2006' (*3) were referred to during the production of this report. A GRI index comparison table was also published. 'B' was recorded as the guideline application level (*4) through self-declaration.

Additionally, NEC issued its 'NEC Information Security Report' for the first time. The report is dedicated to information security activities that are significant to IT companies and society at large.

http://www.nec.co.jp/csr/en/report2010/security/pdf/isr2010.pdf (available in the end of July 2010)

(*1) Seven CSR themes
'Initiatives for solving issues faced by society and addressing people's needs'
- Address climate change and environmental preservation
- Include everyone in the digital society
- Build reliable information and communications infrastructure
- Establish a safe and secure society
'Initiatives for internal management in support of business activities'
- Earn customer trust
- Empower our people
- Strengthen risk management and enforce compliance

(*2) CO2 figures apply to domestic emissions in Japan.

(*3) GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2006-
An international reporting guideline on sustainability issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in 2006.

(*4) Application level-
The levels applied to the GRI's reporting framework as A, B, or C.

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) is one of the world's leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of a diversified global base of customers. NEC delivers tailored solutions in the key fields of computer, networking and electron devices, by integrating its technical strengths in IT and Networks, and by providing advanced semiconductor solutions through NEC Electronics Corporation. The NEC Group employs more than 150,000 people worldwide. For additional information, please visit the NEC website at: http://www.nec.com.

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