Nederman lowers the price of clean air: New compact and efficient high vacuum units


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Nederman, the work environment company, is now launching two new high vacuum units, L-PAK 150 and L-PAK 250, onto the market. The units, destined to replace several of the company's E-PAK units, are smaller, fitted with more refinements and better functions and most importantly are far more reasonably priced than their forerunners. L-PAK 150 & 250 are designed for the extraction of welding fumes, metal particles and sanding dust and for the cleaning of workplaces and machines.

The new high vacuum series from Nederman comprises two products, L-PAK 150 and L-PAK 250. Compact design, light-weight and quiet running (63 dB (a) with sound insulation hood) simplify the positioning of the unit on premises, while installation is made easier by all connections being collected up into one and the same place.

Within the manufacturing industry high vacuum units are often used to extract welding fumes, sanding dust, metal particles and residues from paint polishing and the treatment of composite materials. Additionally, they are used for cleaning purposes in bakeries for example, and other workplaces where there is a significant presence of fine dust and other health hazardous particles.

Considerable price reduction

'The remarkable price reduction has been enabled by new technology providing the units with more and better functions at lower cost,' says Bo Jonsson, business area manager at Nederman, 'and we have invested in new equipment and rationalised the production process to minimise materials consumption and the time required for unit assembly.'

Despite the lower price, the units now feature more refinements, including up-gradable PLC control equipment, a LED to signify when it is time for service and a standard filter that can be replaced by anti-static or cartridge filters, depending on what is to be extracted, in a few simple moves. Additionally, the unit can be complemented by a micro-filter to remove up to 99.997 percent of all particles in the air down to 0.3 micron in size.

Economic filter solution

Both L-PAK units are fitted with efficient standard filter systems providing a combination of effective cleaning and long life. The heavier particles are separated and collected directly in a bin, while finer particles are trapped by a polyester filter with a special surface coating that prevents the particles from penetrating the material. Consequently the filter is very easy to keep clean and has an expected life time of as much as 5000 hours.

Earlier refinements from the E-PAK series, such as automatic filter cleaning and safety functions in the form of an overheating protection and motor protection have been incorporated in the new models. Automatic stop/start of the unit as soon as an extraction point is activated or closed is standard in the new L-PAK series.

Automatic filter cleaning is accomplished by means of a reversing air pulse that cleans the filter from dust and which then falls down into a collection vessel. The combination of automatic filter cleaning and long life results in low maintenance costs.

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