NEFCO awarded new patents


Source: NEFCO, Inc.

NEFCO  has been granted two new patents for its Dual Surface Baffle System. The Dual Surface Baffle was developed from work done as a part of NEFCO’s on-going Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Density Current Baffle Study. The first, US Patent No. 7,556,157, describes a Dual Surface Baffle with a curved lower baffle segment. The second, US Patent No. 7,726,494, describes a Dual Surface Baffle with an upper surface inclined at 30 degrees from the horizontal, and a straight, inclined lower surface. The Dual Surface Density Current Baffle is designed for larger clarifiers operating at high flow rates and is capable of reducing effluent solids concentrations (TSS) by 70%.

Both the Dual Surface Baffle and NEFCO’s Stamford Baffle 2.0 incorporate a 30- degree inclination angle. This inclination angle and other features of the Stamford Baffle 2.0 design offer significant improvements over the original 45 degree Density Current Baffle.

Additional patents for both SB 2.0 and the Dual Surface Baffle are pending.

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