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Nelson initiates new soil projects

Nelson Environmental Remediation, Ltd. (NER) this week announced the ongoing success of two soil remediation projects, one domestic and, one US-based, utilizing its mobile, LTTD-O (low-temperature thermal desorption to oxidation) technology.

Based in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, NER has been successful in the business of mobile, thermal soil remediation since 1994, decontaminating over 1,000,000 tonnes of material, through the engagement pf more than 50 projects domestic and, international. 'Witnessing our equipment land in Honolulu, Hawaii, plus the kick-starting of a south western Alberta job has us all extremely busy but, that's the way we like it', said NER President, Darryl Nelson.

President Darryl Nelson and, Vice-President, Warren Nelson, carry on their father's tradition of soil management expertise, growing the Company from an oilfield construction enterprise, to a world-leading provider of soil remediation technology.

NER, Ltd., is a privately-held, Western Canadian-based environmental solutions company, with expertise in soil remediation, site preparation and,

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