NeoBio reduces sludge volume by 56.8% for NGO Solidarites International


May 2010: field test by NGO Solidarites International ranked NeoBio as best-in-class and most cost-effective solution to reduce sludge volume in displaced people camp.

Solidarites is one of the NGOs managing Maesot camp in Thailand, which has been home to more than 40,000 displaced people for years. 8,000 latrines provide basic sanitation. As part of its sanitation improvement program, Solidarites Intl. was looking for the best eco-friendly solution to reduce sludge volume.

Sludge build-up rapidly becomes a problem as it clogs pipes and needs to be removed from pit latrines and septic tanks often. Several microorganism-based products were selected for technical trials during one month, the final result was published early May.

Of the several products tested, NeoBio demonstrated up to 56.8% sludge volume reduction, where the best competing product only achieved 34%. NeoBio also proved to be the most cost-effective solution.

NeoBio is a natural microorganism-based solution developed in collaboration with the Louis Pasteur Institute in France. Packaged in 25g water-soluble sachets, it is easy to deploy and apply, making it the perfect tool for tackling sanitation issues in emergency response situations.

Its quick action and multiple benefits have also made it a preferred all-in-one wastewater treatment solution in office buidlings, hotels and resorts. The Four Seasons Hotels, Six Senses Resorts and Spas already leverage its benefits in Thailand.

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