Neptune Benson Introduces ETS-Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems Used in Hydraulic Fracture Operations

ETS Ultraviolet Disinfection systems were built to withstand and out perform other UV’s in the harshest oilfield conditions.

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin June 5, 2014 --

Neptune Benson, a leading manufacturer of commercial filtration systems, ETS- UV disinfection systems, and components, has perfected a UV system that provides superior performance in the very harsh environment of fracture operations. 

The emergence of Hydraulic Fracturing or “Fracking” as it is called, has led to the reduction of natural gas prices by 66% in the US and now the US Government is initiating Federal regulation of the chemicals used in the process. 

Neptune Benson ETS-UV systems in use in India


This increased regulation of chemicals has led to a desire to disinfect the frac water and now the produced water by UV light, which adds no chemicals to the process.  UV is a simple and very powerful method of disinfecting any organisms present in the water.  Some species, such as the SRB organisms, can cause well souring, matrix fouling and can cause corrosion in pipelines down-hole. 

Neptune Benson’s ETS-UV leads the world in the design and application of the technology into this demanding environment.  A number of modifications are made to standard UV systems to strengthen the units and ensure that they perform under very harsh oilfield conditions.  Wipers are always fitted to prevent fouling, and vibration and shock are handled using a variety of innovative design features.  ETS has both discrete underground units, trailer mounted units and self-contained units in operation globally for over 5 years. 

Benefits of this system include:

  1. Small footprint

  2. Fully automatic

  3. UV Dose-paced

  4. No complex monitoring equipment required.

  5. Minus 680 F – plus 1220F

  6. Substantial chemical savings

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