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Nestle Waters Canada Sees Value in Supporting Public Space Recycling Programs


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Walking through the streets of Canada's largest city Toronto, residents and visitors are able to recycle on the go. Paper goes in one slot, beverage container in another. A simple and effective way to separate garbage and therefore ensure it is recycled. When learning of Nestlé Waters Canada's supported pilots for public space recycling I was initially surprised. Don't all communities have recycling bins in public spaces? Not so.

Garbage, while absent from most people's consciousness as an environmental issue, is still a dominating problem for most municipalities and regional governments. Landfill spaces are reaching capacity and as greater numbers of people move to urban environments, the pressure of what to do with more waste per capita grows. Recent collaborative work between local governments, Nestlé Waters Canada (Nestlé Waters) and other participating organizations, demonstrate a positive move forward to initiate successful public recycling programs.

Case Studies Success by the Numbers
Here are a few public spaces recycling case studies summarized to highlight the recent success Nestlé Water's collaborative work has achieved.

City of Richmond, British Columbia (BC)
Program participants: Nestlé Waters Canada, Canadian Beverage Association, Encorp Pacific (operates a beverage container and electronics depot recycling program in Richmond), and the City of Richmond.

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