Never Fall Short on LEED Certification Again


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Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System Can Help Building Owners and Operators Earn Multiple Points

PRINCETON, NJ -- (Marketwire) -- 07/27/11 -- Dynamic Air Quality Solutions' V8 Air Cleaning System is an optimal solution for building owners and operators designing to green standards or seeking LEED certification. The impact of air filtration is often overlooked as a means of maximizing attainable points and preventing coming up short of a desired level (Platinum, Gold, Silver). The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System is an energy-saving solution that can earn LEED points -- in addition to cleaning the air.

The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Green Building Rating System serves as the benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Applicable to all building types, LEED enables building owners and operators to have a measurable and immediate impact on the environment and their buildings' performance. While MERV 13 is the minimum requirement for IEQ Section 3, all MERV 13 filters are not equal. Passive MERV 13 filters can take a lot of energy to push air through the constrictive media. Dynamic's V8 Air Cleaning System helps to earn LEED points by delivering both superior IAQ and reduced operating costs. Some buildings meet LEED criteria, but may not see an immediate improvement in their bottom line. Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems deliver significant, tangible, and ongoing reductions in energy, maintenance, and disposal costs -- the Dynamic V8 uses 1/3 the energy of passive alternatives and has a maintenance cycle that is measured in years rather than months.

'For building owners designing with green principles in mind, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System offers the perfect stepping stone toward achieving LEED certification,' said Duke Wiser, president of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. 'The V8 is entirely consistent with the goals of LEED and green design, providing the highest levels of performance with the smallest environmental footprint. From improving indoor air quality to requiring less time, reducing waste and saving up to 67 percent in fan energy, the V8 truly does more with less.'

Dynamic's V8 System utilizes active-field technology to polarize both media fibers and airborne particles which are then drawn to both the fibers of the media and other particles, resulting in a deep cleaning of the air of both particles and odors -- including dangerous ultrafine particles. Exceeding the MERV 13 minimum LEED requirement and approaching HEPA filtration levels, Dynamic's V8 system provides up to MERV 15+ performance while operating at significantly lower static pressures. The V8 media additionally provides more than 10 times the media life of deep-bed passive filters and over 50 times the life of 2'-4' passive filters.

Under the LEED rating system, there are potentially several points available when using Dynamic's V8 -- the system achieves a minimum MERV 13 which is a requisite of IAQ/IEQ Credit 3. Use of the Air Cleaners will also favorably impact the fan horsepower requirements called for in the ASHRAE Standard 90.1calculations. This often substantial reduction in fan horsepower and subsequent lower energy consumption contributes to a point for Reduced HVAC Energy EA Credit 1. Additional points may also be obtainable for categories such as the Innovation ID Credit 1. Significantly outperforming other market solutions in contaminant control, maintenance and cost of ownership, the Dynamic V8 is installed in more than 50 LEED registered projects worldwide, including ASHRAE Headquarters.

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