New 02 Hurricane Canless Air System Offers Government Agencies Opportunity to Go Green and Save Taxpayers Money Over Dangerous and Wasteful Canned Air


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Government agencies using so-called canned air now have a safe and clean option that saves money. 02 Hurricane uses pure air and is rechargeable, improving employee safety and saving taxpayer money.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

Like a growing number of taxpayers, 02 Hurricane CEO and Founder John Scherer wants action, not talk from Government. And his American based business is offering an opportunity to do just that.

'Those of us who live and do business on Main Street USA have to follow some basic rules,' he says. 'You can't spend more money than you take in. One way is to stop wasting money when cheaper solutions are available.'

Scherer is backing up what he says with his revolutionary new cleaning/dusting system called the 02 Hurricane. It's designed to replace the so-called canned air products being used all across government.

The 02 Hurricane is receiving rave reviews for its innovative and green way to replace a very dangerous product being used in businesses and homes everywhere.

'Canned air is anything but air,' says Scherer. 'It's a dangerous mix of explosive and even deadly gasses and liquids. Worst of all, it's wastes our money. One can costs several dollars, lasts just a few minutes and when it's empty, that's it, it's done.'

The EPA classifies used canned air as hazardous waste. Proper disposal cost taxpayers even more money and exposes workers to dangerous residue in those cans.

The 02 Hurricane saves taxpayers money and the environment in two ways. Unlike canned air, it uses just the air we breathe, drawing it in from the outside and blasting it out a hurricane-force power. The 02 Hurricane is also rechargeable. You don't throw it away, It can be used over and over. There is no waste.

'Just one 02 Hurricane is equal to a thousand units of canned air,' Scherer says. 'The math is easy. It saves taxpayers money and does it immediately.'

Scherer is also quick to point out that the 02 Hurricane is assembled in the USA at a plant in Tucson, AZ. Going green, saving green and creating American jobs. 'Win-Win-Win,' he says.

Scherer knows that switching from canned air to the 02 Hurricane won't solve the deficit by itself but as a businessman and successful entrepreneur he knows eliminating wasteful spending is a good place to start.

The company is beginning to hear from state and government agencies ranging from the United States Postal Service to the State of Alaska. They're mandated to eliminate dangerous canned air to protect workers and the environment. They also need to save money.

'It's why they're dumping canned air for the 02 Hurricane,' says Scherer. 'We offer a clean, green and sustainable solution that saves money. They win, more importantly, taxpayers win.'

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