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New 100mL pressure reactors expand EasyMax versatility


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METTLER TOLEDO 100 mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactors enhance the versatility of the EasyMax synthesis workstation for chemical and process development. Touchscreen controls allow autoclave-like use by organic chemists, while accessories such as iControl software offer chemical engineers robust reaction characterization.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of 100mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactors EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC, designed for use with the EasyMax, the synthesis workstation which enables the development of robust chemical processes at lab scale. These reactors expand the use of EasyMax to both organic chemists who seek an autoclave-like experience and chemical engineers who desire high-pressure process characterization. Accurate, repeatable high-pressure experiments are facilitated by its data collection capabilities.

The 100mL pressure reactor’s design expands the use of EasyMax in two ways. First, in its basic configuration, organic chemists gain quick set-up and fast results from low- and mid-pressure reactions using the in-built touchscreen/reactor combination like an autoclave. This simplifies mixing, temperature and pressure control and allows easy measurement of reaction factors such as mass flow and gas uptake.

The second solution involves combining EasyMax and the 100mL pressure reactor with accessories such as iControl software. Chemical engineers gain the ability to thoroughly evaluate reaction parameters such as gas consumption, mass transfer, kinetic activity and heterogenic catalysis in mid and high-pressure reactions.

Existing ReactIRTM probes that provide robust in-process reaction characterization are compatible with the reactor. The 100mL reactor can also be easily switched for the 50mL Pressure Reactor to further enhance EasyMax versatility for those who study both small and litre-scale reactions.

The reactor facilitates experiments between 20°C and 180°C. For additional product specifications, and to learn more about how METTLER TOLEDO EasyMax plus the 100mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactor can help minimize experiment time while maximizing research resources, visit


METTLER TOLEDO provides the enabling technology, software and people that can help build a seamless workflow to translate bench scale chemistry into a commercial process. For more than 20 years, our enabling tools and services have been a strategic resource providing critical information for thousands of development scientists and engineers. Companies have used that knowledge to accelerate the discovery, development and scale-up of new chemical processes spanning the chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. For more, visit

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