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New (2007) Uranium Analyser

Since the Chernobyl disaster, the awareness of the health hazard of Uranium is reflected in the call for close monitoring of contamination of land and water as well as urine checks of people in high contamination risk areas, atomic energy work places and close by habitations.

Global Warming and toxins’ contamination of much of our planet have been increasingly present in the news and rightly so. Uranium contamination from nuclear waste products was one of the main worries next to heavy metals in soils and seas.

The importance to detect even minute quantities of Uranium in urine, soils and water was the driving force for the upgrade the G-M Fluorometer that has been in use by many institutions worldwide, either purchased directly or through the IAEA in Vienna, Austria.

The new ATS 300GM Uranium Analyser that was first presented at the ARAB LAB 2007 in Dubai can detect traces of Uranium accurately down to ppt levels. It is equipped with the latest modern electronics and a powerful microcontroller, it is easy to operate even by non-technical people and gives fast, accurate and repeatable results.

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