New Aerosol Sensor from Kanomax


Source: Kanomax USA, Inc.

AES-1000 is perfect for any place where you need simplified cleanliness level monitoring

8/13/2013 - Andover, NJ -- We will be introducing an aerosol monitor that can be integrated into existing Ethernet networks. This monitor has a color-coded display that makes it easy to read at a glance. It can also be configured to alert the user remotely if the particles exceed a custom-set threshold. This instrument is ideal for high-traffic areas such as the gowning area before an actual cleanroom. The included PC monitoring software can monitor up to 10 sensors.

Recommended Applications: Any place where you need simplified cleanliness level monitoring, such as the gowning area of a cleanroom.

Features Include: Stable and sensitive detection for Particulates of 0.5 microns and larger. Easy-to-read air cleanliness level, equivalent of ISO5 / Class 100 - ISO8 / Class 100,000; Unique air sampling method using 'heater' to generate updraft, preventing choked flow. Suction pump is not necessary; Alarm comes on when the setting level goes beyond the required cleanliness, while monitor gives alarm signal output; Link to Ethernet system with purpose of monitoring at multiple location; Long life laser. 20,000 hours and compact and light, easy installation with a low cost.

In addition to this particle sensor we’ve also added a Pollen Sensor, a Large Particle Sensor and OEM aerosol and PM sensors that can be added to equipment such as air filters to improve efficiency.

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